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But first, did you read about the suede artist’s pouch giveaway that began yesterday?  Did you enter? There’s still time!  Hop over and then hop right back over here.  I’ll wait…
Yesterday was spent doing three things. 1. constantly watching news updates of Frankenstorm Sandy (you folks on the eastern seaboard are in my thoughts and prayers)  2. smiling over the encouraging comments from yesterday’s post (more on that tomorrow) and 3. working. working. working.  
From the studio…




I will have a new crop of tall artist’s pouches heading to the shop later today.  (yes, I want one. no, I don’t have one…yet) 
Today is all about MORE watching the news and bag making.  How about you?
Have a good one.  Stay dry and safe and warm.
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  1. Oooohhhh…love the color combo’s on those tall artist pouches! And the scraps of leather make my mouth water! Hurricane Sandy is gone…yay! Very brief power outage, but otherwise all is well!

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