Already.  Already, I have reached a little bit of seasonal panic – panic that I can’t do it all and can’t get things done fast enough.  I really don’t like this level.  Then I spend a weekend with family, remember what’s important and remember to breathe.  So, while I have TONS of things to do, I am only one person. Right? Yes, right. Breathe. And balance.





Two metal trays, found while thrifting.  I think I may have spent $6 total.  Using Gorilla Glue, I added hangers to the backs and hung them on the studio wall, thinking it would be a kind of meditative distraction during a time of busy-ness.  Oh my.  I had no idea that you can stand and stare at the words for way longer than intended. It’s like Pinterest only with words.  (btw, I added the love quote and Jessie added the power quote. kids.)


  • What an awesome idea! You have the best luck thrifting of anyone I know. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are shopping! And I have loads of these little poetry magnets. As a lover of words they are my favorite thing, but I don’t have anywhere to play with them. I will be on the lookout for something cool like this! Enjoy the day! Erin

    P.S. You are only one and can only do what you can. I have had to really sit myself down and have a talk with me about this lately. Glad to know that *I* am not alone. 😉

  • Love your word trays – they work so well on many levels!! Love how the green tray word arrangement looks in contrast to the all-over word placement on the yellow. Fun Fun Fun

  • I just love the synchronicity of the internet sometimes. I just finished reading another post about words ( I have a writing blog, that I have let languish. It has been calling to me lately, but like you I am feeling very squashed for time. No time for words- but I love your metal trays! The season is upon us. Deep breath and do what we can. I had to take a break from working (backing up photo files from my last job.) Have a great week! xo teri

  • Yes, breathe, stop, be still. This weekend I had the amazing epiphany as well that I am only just one person. What gets done, gets done and that’s really good enough. I love poetry magnets and we have had some amazing poetry created on our fridge, usually left by guests when we weren’t looking. Love the idea of the trays!

  • Oh, these are really cool! I can see how time would slip by while reading them and taking in their meaning,… happened for me just by looking at your photos! 😉

  • What a great idea! I have two gorgeous metal trays, too. Afraid to use glue on them… they’re fairly valuable, but these solid colors are just perfect for the word magnets!

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