from the studio: the (other) christmas miracle

clean. and organized. fairly.



studio shots
projects.  yes, I’m still sewing.  evidence of said practice to follow very soon.


oreo’s royal perch under the window.






jessie’s christmas gift to me. handmade and loving it.
and for a little dreaming…

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Have a beautiful Monday.

Posted in from the studio.


  1. Organizing my studio and all of my business related paperwork is the first goal on my to-do list for 2013. Your studio space looks great and organized beautifully! Now you can dive right in!

  2. the studio looks so inspiring! i love that feeling of having a clean and organized and pretty studio, makes inspiration and creating much easier!

    I absolutely love your “be silly, be honest, be kind print”! and wow Jessie did a great job on your over the rainbow canvas!

    did she use fabric or paper for the base?

  3. Gynna, thank you for the print compliment. (I’ve thought about offering the print for sale as a print but have been wishy washy. so if anyone’s interested, speak up)

    And Jessie used paper from magazines as the base. It’s a little bubbly at the base and I highly suspect that she may not have waited for the base to completely dry before adding the topcoat of paint??? But I have no idea. (I love it anyway!)

  4. Your studio is just wonderful! I utilize a very small space and right now I feel like it is falling in on me! anyway, was dreaming of a bigger space, just the other day, so your pictures are so inspiring!

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