gratitude monday via instagram…

Recently ran across this portrait of me when I was around 6-ish. Clearly, I didn’t want my picture taken and had no idea how to pose. But most of all, living in the country with a distinct shortage of girls, I’m grateful that I survived childhood.

From top left, I’m grateful for…

1) My seam ripper
2) Homemade chicken tortilla soup (recipe here. I only used regular squash and zucchini and omitted the alcohol. Yes, alcohol. In chicken tortilla soup.
3) Sophie. I’m grateful that she has rallied the troops, is behaving like a spring chicken…er, dog, and apparently will not die anytime soon.
4) My Juki – enough said.
5) My sometimes evil stalker cat, Oreo, because I like holding a small animal in my lap and she fits the bill. Until she bites me.
6) Not sure about this one. Upholstering isn’t something for which I am grateful, but I needed a sixth picture.

What are you grateful for this Monday morning? Have a splendid day, folks.

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  1. Good morning Lori, I’m grateful that my tooth is intact and almost infection free thanks to a root canal ( I know, strange) but yet grateful 🙂
    Have a great week

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