hair, art and ipads

No, not hair art.  Hair. Art.  Just wanted to clear on that one right off the bat. 
About that hair. Isn’t it amazing how a new do can turn your attitude around? Doesn’t matter how low you’re feeling. You walk in and sure as the world, leave feeling a little peppy, stylish, like the whole world is checking you out. (And no cruel comments, please. Allow me this fantasy)

Lori K. Plyler - Art Collage

As for the art, I took a little time and fancied up the “My Sketchbook” page with some of my earlier commissioned pieces.  (Again, no snarky comments please.  I actually like living in a fantasy world)

studio waterstone

studio waterstone

And for the iPads, between updating pages and new do’s, mini cases are still in the works. Kinda loving them and want them all.  They should go into the shop tomorrow – hopefully – fingers crossed.

That’s my day in a nutshell.

And for the burning question…

Does a new do turn your entire world around?

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  1. First of all – your artwork is absolutely amazing…AMAZING! Second of all, Melissa above said it first “you did not show us a pic of your new do”! Tease! I always feel better after a haircut (I had one yesterday!)

  2. those are so beautiful I could look at them over and over…aahhh one day I will be crafty too, I wish 🙂 and yes a new do has the power to turn my life around….I think the hubby’s too 🙂

  3. It’s sad to know you have to say “no snarky comments” because there’s always going to be SOMEone who thinks “snark” is how you critique and that it shows “knowledge.” What I’ve learned is, *that* sort of “snark” means *they* lack both knowledge AND talent of their own and feel tearing down someone else’s hard work gives them some sort of “power.” Sure, it hurts to have our work torn down verbally, but you can ignore them knowing they are (likely) talentless in their own right. It’s sad for them. As for your art, I think you did a wonderful job! Depth perception, color, expressions… it’s all well done! In the two with more than one focal, you balanced them well, no one thing stands out over the other and the eye is drawn from point to point in a flowing manner. The dog looks almost photographic as well. Very good work!

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