happy, happy

I know. It’s Monday. And for most, it’s not a day to look forward to, I agree. I am, however, one of the small percentage who looks forward to the first day of the week.

To begin your week…

A pretty decent article in Handmadeology this morning on repetitive stress injury – how ironic. Check it out as it is helpful to all of us. Yes, I’m certain. I live it.

I’ve been doing a little of this. Since my life is so boring and all. 🙂

And remember…

Now, let’s head out into this week and have a good one.


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  1. I used to really dislike Mondays, but that was when I was commuting to work and back. But now I see Mondays as a fresh new start, a chance to get things done.

    Love the banners you have been working on!

    Happy Monday to you!

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