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Hello to you!  Ready for the weekend?  I’m posting a few, fairly vague, shots hinting at what I’ve been up to this week.  Shown above are small, leather cases/clutches both lined and unlined.  Right now I’m loving the natural quality of unlined. I cannot get enough of these little suckers. Anyway, I hate not using every scrap of leather possible.
Been working on a few new iPad cases, too – in leather – both unisex for the guys and ultra feminine for the girls.  Anyway, it’s been a blur and I feel as though I’ve ignored the blog a little.
This weekend? Work and getting ready for travel on Monday.  Sophie and I pile up and head northward.  I cannot wait!  Only issue is limiting my rather large package of projects to take.  Literally, my clothing suitcase is vastly smaller than my project box(es).
Off to get some fresh air, then head to the studio and plan.  Have a wonderful weekend friends.  And stay safe.
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