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Hi there!  Ready for your weekend? Sophie and I are settled now in Cincinnati and anxious to begin the weekend with our favorite fella. We’ve been out and about every day, loving the color and crisp blue skies.  I’m addicted to my favorite cold weather breakfast, oatmeal with warm milk, walnuts, and a few dried cranberries.  YUM.
And don’t you hate spending tons of $$$ on necessary household items?  Ugh, Jeff and I had to buy a new bed yesterday – something we kept putting off. You try to rationalize it with “I spend a third of my life there, so I need to be comfy” but somehow it just isn’t as pretty as a new pair of boots…or a new computer.
But then…

studio waterstone bags
This little surprise cheered me up. I was totally thrilled to hear that one of my bags made it to Etsy Finds!  Booyah! Made things a little better, for sure.  
Have yourself a wonderful, worry-free weekend.


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