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We were so proud of her. She was trained to stay off the sofas and chairs. Well, we were proud for a few years. Then I began to hear a sliding sound followed by a thump in the middle of the night if I happened to walk through the dark den.
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This was followed by daytime sneakiness. I would catch her taking a nap on the sofa. Eventually we gave up. She’d ruined the sofas and chairs with her long nails. She was constantly shedding. It was terrible. So we bought a leather sofa.
waterstone eco friendly handbags lori plyler

Now? Now she blatantly climbs onto any piece of furniture except for her own bed. The cat sleeps there.
waterstone eco friendly handbags lori plyler

Now if we could just do something about the dog.


  • I love it! You are so clever.

    I have two little dachshunds who sleep everywhere, the couch, tops of couch cushions (smooshing them), on every chair, their bed, my bed, and sunny spots on the floor.

    They do love their dog bed too but it is a pile of plush. One large dog bed with a smaller one nestled inside with one or two blankets on top.

    The only time of day where they don't vary the routine is the evening, they are under the covers snuggled up against me. Hubs can't even get close.

  • We have three dogs and a cat. My husband's office is next door the dogs are allowed on the furniture over there but not in the home. Dogs are very trainable I have given up on the husband.

  • OMGoodness… This is my world exactly!!! Wonder Dog, Canaan, and Opie Taylor do the same thing. Wonder Dog sneaks the same way. You should see the nightly ritual to try to deter him from finding a spot on the sofa. He's an old boy, drools and needs regular grooming because he stinks. LOL I wish I wasn't so OCD… He's baby even if his coat is turning gray.

    Your pix are perfectly charming. Thanks for making me grin. Fabulously funny post, Lori!

  • Had to come back and read this again. Those two are even more precious the second time.

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