here we go

Studio Waterstone
By the end of the day I’ll be settled into another home far from Atlanta – temporarily so, but settled nonetheless. 
Funny how I’ve thought of little else this past week, unable to concentrate on tasks at hand, anticipating all of the things I’ve missed since leaving in September, eager to begin new projects for Studio Waterstone – projects planned for this time away from leather.
And now that it’s time to hit the road with Sophie by my side, I’m a little sad as I leave behind my children (who aren’t really children), studio (although if you looked, you swear I’ve packed it for the trip) and Oreo, the black, temperamental cat.
Humans, so complicated. (or is it women? mothers? wives?)
Have a good one.  See you tomorrow – live from Cincinnati. 🙂
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  1. I really can relate to this…as I read your words, I feel the tugging in both directions. No matter how we try to ‘fix’ it with new ways to look at it and further fine-tuning, it still is very difficult. You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. xo

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