Mama Waterstone is, admittedly, the number one avoider of holiday decorating. Don’t know why. Just know that I am. I have, however, stumbled upon a few fabulous tips which should make decorating this holiday season much more bearable enjoyable.

Holiday Decorating Tip #1: Prepare a libation. Personal preference rules and variation on libation is entirely up to you. You may prefer hot chocolate or a warm cup of Russian Tea. I, myself, prefer a nice bottle glass of red wine.

Holiday Decorating Tip #2: Turn up the holiday tunes and sing. Sing like you’ve never sung before – but not so loud that the policeman knocks on your door fifteen minutes later. That could definitely put a serious damper on an otherwise cheerful evening.

Holiday Decorating Tip #3: Give everyone in the family a task and when I say task, I mean something far, far away – as in going to a movie, etc. (Tip #3 is optional. If your family willingly and eagerly participates, then omit tip #3.)

Holiday Decorating Tip #4: I defer to these fabulous tipsters…

studio waterstone hometown girl holiday decorating
Hometown Girl: Our Christmas Mantle

and to count down the days…

studio waterstone geninnes art blog holiday decorating
Geninne’s Art Blog: December Desktop Calendar


Aren’t they sweet and fabulous all at the same time?
Hope it makes your holiday decorating a little easier.

I shall try each and every one this weekend
and get back to you on Monday with a progress report.


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