A bit drastic? I think not!

Ever pulled a 24 hour hospital shift?
In a vinyl recliner.
Which really doesn’t recline very well and when it does…

…it squeaks.
All. The. Way. Down. Or at least as far as it will go.
And when said recliner IS reclined, you slide to the bottom. Constantly.
Because nothing sticks to vinyl.

And your butt goes numb.

Trying to catch a nap (in said recliner, with a numb butt)
while nurses, aids, and doctors enter the room on an hourly basis is…

…not going to happen.



What’s a tote got to do with anything? If you plan ahead, it will save your life or your sanity or quite possibly both. It has to be rather large, like mine. And it needs to carry…

~ a pair of comfy sweats
~ warm socks
~ your glasses
~ contact case and supplies for storage
~ snacks (hospital food sucks)
~ a book or magazine…or two


~ laptop
~ IPOD and make sure it’s charged
~ your cell phone charger. because if you don’t it will die at the worst possible time
~ a pair of gloves and scarf as it could be cold when you leave


My tote.
The rather large one. The one I was wishy washy and all guilty about keeping so close to Christmas when I could have easily sold it and given it a wonderful home.

My tote.
The very one that also holds my cell and keys in the roomy front pockets
and folds to a “normal person” size when not on hospital duty.


My tote. That’s what saved my life.


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