i must say – a pretty decent day

Allow me to preface.  A cube of Dove Chocolate and a nice pair of sweats make me pretty happy at the end of the day.  Shower optional.  (psst…giveaway at the end of this post)

studio waterstone

But today?  Productivity and creativity abounded. Abounded!

studio waterstone

The main part of the day I worked on spring/summer totes to go into the shop later this week. 

studio waterstone

And then…

studio waterstone

Two books I had ordered arrived…

studio waterstone

studio waterstone


studio waterstone

studio waterstone

And then…

studio waterstone

I sat down and worked on a new sketch and watercolor.
More on that later this week, too.
It was what I affectionately call a red letter day.
And now it’s time for another scrap leather giveaway.
Comment on THIS post to enter.  Having said that…

For info on the last leather giveaway (just in case you’re wondering what the heck a scrap leather giveaway is) click here – and then come back here to comment.  Capeesh?

Here’s what I need for your entry…

Describe your pretty decent/ideal/red letter day.
Think, think, think.  Comment.  And have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! A red-letter day would be coffee, sewing, a run, a little knitting, dinner with my family, some music, wine, ….more sewing….

  2. oh duh missed the part that said then come back here and comment, well anyway I would love some scraps to have a play with and I really love that bag oh and none of your links to your shop are working I just keep getting thrown to godaddy.com thought you should know

  3. Hmm .. chocolate would definitely play into my perfect day. I’d have some (productive) beading and some time to just practice karate. I think a great filet dinner would be a fitting end. Wonderful giveaway .. leather scraps are always appreciated 🙂

  4. Well may not be the perfect day but it was my today day…
    Haven’t had a soda in almost a month so a great big soda, IN-N-OUT double double with hole-grilled onions protein style and check’n out the latest on the blog list.

    And would love to win some leather scraps 🙂

  5. Perfect day huh. First, wouldn’t go to work. Get kids and hubby off to school and work. Peace and quiet in the house. Work out, clean a bit, perhaps Chipotle for lunch and then nothing but me time at my work table with something wonderful on the tv (read weather scifi movies) or great tunes and no one to bother me! Then a great dinner with the family and a nice glass of wine.

    Sorry for being long winded. 🙂

  6. I find having the kids playing out in the yard, my hubby watching some sports tv (because I love sports and love to cheer for any team playing his :)) and the table and I sharing some quality creative time, some drawing, maybe creating some jewelry, or a handbag for my art utensils. Just anything inventive would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. A red letter day is sunny, warm, and I’m working on my jewelry or other crafts or I’m outside (particularly at the beach), a great seafood dinner, and being with my family.

  8. Hmmmmm, red letter day? Call in sick to work. Play with horses, play with camera while playing with horses, yummy lunch, work on studio reorganization project, walk dog three times, make a pair of earrings, and greet husband with a nice dinner and a smile from having a fun day! Oh yah, come up with ideas to use leather scrapes on 🙂

  9. Yesterday my husband surprised me with new handmade wheels for my bicycle and then we went for a trail ride. The weather was perfect. It was a great escape from regular day to day stuff.

    I am trying to use my sewing machine more and would love scraps to tackle a project.


  10. A good day for me would be to wake up in time to go to my favorite estate auction, and spend the day getting some bargains. Then come home and maybe do some torch fired enameling (ala Painting with Fire). Then, if there’s still some time left, go to the bead room, to create some jewelry.
    Thanks for the 2nd chance to win some leather scraps!

  11. Brilliant day! I think that a red letter day would start out with the perfect cup of coffee with the right amount of flavored creamer delivered to me in bed by my handsome husband. He would feed me bon-bons while massaging my shoulders and then tell me that I would have the whole day to play in the studio before drawing me a hot bubble bath. While I soaked with a good book and the rest of the chocolates, he would be taking the kids away for the day. He would tell me that I am not wanted at work, magically there are no dishes in the sink and the phone has been taken off the hook. Then I would be in the studio from 10am until dusk creating and plotting and dreaming.

    Too fantastical? Well, then any day that involves creating something is a good day. That and watching my son play baseball and my daughter dance. But the chocolates and back rub from my handsome hubby could stay too!


    Enjoy the day!

  12. sounds like a good day.. I missed the last leather scrap giveaway. Fingers crossed for this one.

    A perfect day for me is usually one spent at the house just doing a lot of little things but nothing in particular.. or “piddling” as we like to call it. Then later in the day cooking on the grill and spending time with the kids and grandbabies. Of course having my coke and some chocolate thrown in just makes it even better.

    Hope you have alot more of these good days to come. Those bags are looking really pretty!

  13. No one getting sick or going to the docs would be perfect.A perfect day would be warm but not too hot. Going to antique stores here in N. Ga. Then making bracelets. But I need some inspiration & some scraps. Thank You.

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