I’m Still Here!

Holy cow. It's been awhile! I am still here - alive and well, getting better every day, living life and hanging on by the coattails. So much is going on at the moment but first I wanted to share my "new" studio. 

So, normally the studio is a hot mess. (See here) Large artist's table, industrial sewing machine and regular sewing machine station. Supplies, supplies, supplies. But that's all changed.

Why? It's time to make a change in our lives and we've decided to sell our home here in Georgia (more on that below).

To get the ball rolling, I had to clean it up and eliminate the clutter. I decided that for staging purposes (and because art has come first lately) the studio would be strictly for art

OH MY GOSH you guys. Feeling a little stuck in a rut-ish? CLEAN up your space. I am madly - deeply, madly in love with the new space. WHY didn't I do this before? I felt like Marie Freaking Kondo. Does this item bring me joy? No? Out it goes.  

First I removed EVERYTHING. Then we gave it a fresh coat of paint. Then I methodically added back. I hope you can tell I'm in no way exaggerating. It was a cleansing experience of epic proportions as I've moved through every room in the house. Again, more on that later.

For now. More pics...

There you have it! My new-to-me studio. 

What else? We're excited to be moving to the cabin in the woods full time once the Georgia place is sold. Also said cabin is getting a little updating to make it more of a permanent house for Mr. P and me.

Aaaaand have I mentioned that my former model/recent graduate/new pediatric ICU nurse is getting married? No?

One more thought... 

I heard someone say the other day that the days can be long but the years are short. Oh how true. Time gets away from you and before you know it you've been blogging for ten years, your kids are grown and gone and you're looking around thinking what the hell has happened??? I need to catch up!

So here I am. Still alive. Hanging on by the coattails.  




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  1. Great to “see” you Lori. Congratulations on the “new” studio and all the exciting things going on in your life! I did some studio rearranging myself before Christmas (but have of course cluttered it all up again with works in progress).

    • Hi Elisabeth! Thanks for the kind words. Gah – I could SO easily re-clutter. I’m going to have to show great restraint over the next several months. HUGE helping of will power needed. 🙂

  2. I have missed you here!!!
    My goodness, your studio looks so beautiful, and I do know what you mean about decluttering.
    Just about 3 years ago now, we moved from an enormous old (beautiful) Victorian house that we’d lived in for 25 years, to what I lovingly called “House #2,” a second much smaller home we owned. Believe me when I tell you that it took an entire year of sorting, decluttering, and tossing “Stuff” before we actually moved.
    You sound so excited, and I am so excited for you, my friend.
    Do keep us posted from time to time, ok?

    • I do believe that it took a year! Not only is it difficult physically, it’s CRAZY to tackle emotionally. Letting go of so much is difficult while still freeing in the end. Thank you for your sweet comment. I intend to post more often. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. I get you about the de-cluttering … I did it a couple of months back and the work suddenly started flowing for me and therefore the money. Yay! It’s a lovely feeling although it has meant my painting has been put on the back burner while my graphics design work and therefore money is coming forth. For now, that is fine as it’s getting me back on my feet financially. There will be time for art again, I’m sure. I’ve spent the last few days doing even more de-cluttering in y kitchen … Next will be my clothes! I’ve even de-cluttered my computer, emails and subscriptions. It took me forever to go through my 3000 emails and unsubscribe. The emails sure did pile up once I started working more hours! I’m so glad you’re on Bloglovin’ so I can come in every now and again to see what’s going on. How exciting to hear about your new happenings. I hope the thyroid problems have settled and the new move helps in your recovery. Take care. 🙂

    • Good for you, Brigitte! It really does seem to clear the mind of cobwebs (as well as the studio) and free up more room for creativity and productivity. Thank you for hanging around and not dropping me while I’ve been in and out this past year. Here’s to more creativity!

      • Well, I think we’ve both been dropping in and out so we’re even! 🙂 Yep, I do think it’s helped take a load off my shoulders by doing a clear out! Us creative people have to stick together right? Yes, here’s to more creativity … for both of us! 🙂

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