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Can you believe it’s December? These days, it seems life moves at at such a hurried pace that we barely have time to slow down and enjoy the show. For me, slowing down means doing something fun – something new. But first, and just in case you missed it, I’ve got two new December desktop calendars for you in the sidebar with download links. 
Now, about getting inspired…

studio waterstone inspire me monday

Get creative with your images here, here, or with Photoshop – just for fun.
Learn a new trick. After following this tutorial, I now know how to add box outlines to images.
Doesn’t every new trick spark a desire to play and learn more?
studio waterstone inspire me monday
Three more projects, found this weekend, and I want to do them all.
Have a wonderful Monday.  I hope you get the chance to slow down and enjoy your day.
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  1. I love, love the carved corks turned stamps idea.
    I love stamped images…I have so many corks sitting in jars its getting embarrassing…really its the perfect marriage. The link you gave did not give a lot of details. Would you suggest the same carving tool you mentioned in your other hand made stamp post? I stopped doing i heart macro because I try to spend more time with family on the weekend…but realized that I really liked your blog and should stop by…glad i did.

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