it’s a wrap: studio saturday

studio waterstone

Happy weekend! I’m wrapping up with, first, a viewing of the things I’ve finished since the last wrap. Afterward, I’ll do a little reminding.

The top bag I’m sure you’ve seen. It was made from the most beautiful polished tan leather – just the perfect summer bag.

studio waterstone

This is one that I revamped. It originally had some recycled chain in the handle but I never quite warmed up to it. So, I took it out of the shop and simplified. With the southwestern pattern, simplifying was a good thing. (Click the pictures for more info)

studio waterstone
studio waterstone

studio waterstone
(Can you see where I missed her thumb when photoshopping? I’m too lazy to fix it.)


And now for the reminders. First, tomorrow is I Heart Macro, so grab that camera and snap away.

Finally, as if you thought I couldn’t possibly bug you anymore about the challenge. Have you seen the challenge? You really must. Really. Must.

That’s it for me! How was your week?

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  1. Love your new bags, especially the Softest Tan – I think it is my all time favorite! Looks so soft and comfy! (well I’m a sucker for big bags…)

    I had enjoyed your challenge but it’s not fair as you had the perfect skirt to begin with!! (and also the perfect model!) but it inspired me to look at my wardrobe from a different angle and imagine what I can do with some of my clothes.

    Happy weekend Lori!! x

  2. Happy to inspire you Galit! My model is beautiful and can you believe that I was going to send the skirt to the thrift store?

    That picture, of course, won’t be part of the challenge, though. It’s being used strictly for inspirational purposes only. 🙂

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