I’ve been an artist, in one form or another, since I could hold a crayon. But as any artist will tell you, we all have our individual styles. Try as I might, I’ve always been a realist. Vivid colors were never on my palette.

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My dream is to be bolder, more colorful.

studio waterstone blog


I’m going to slowly attempt to change this. Baby steps.


studio waterstone blog


studio waterstone blog


I channel my inner Alisa Burke. Slowly coaxing.


studio waterstone blog
Baby steps. Stay tuned.

studio waterstone blog

What’s your style?

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Posted in my sketchbook.


  1. I think your style in whatever you choose to create is beautiful, as seen here. I prefer to think I do not have a style, as I cannot put a name on any, I change like the wind sometimes. But people often tell me they recognize my style. If I had to describe it I would say yours is clean and striking.

  2. Lori I love the drawing and I am loving the colors you have used so far. Both mom and I are also afraid to use bold colors, we are more warm colors I think. We have talked about trying different colors but we just don’t seem to get there, maybe someday. Seriously, I am loving that drawing!!! Take care!

  3. What talent you have! I love the sketch–even without any paint on it.

    I’m not sure I have a style. I do tend to gravitate to blues/greens, and earth tones. But sometimes I’ll use the bright colors too. I’ve never been fond of pastels unless they are warmed up a bit.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am constantly inspired by Alisa’s sketching, too. I am drawn to more bright colors when I’m creating, but that’s not necessary what I wear or choose when I’m decorating at home.

  5. OOoooh that is working up to be something truly beautiful. I really need to get my water colours out more often, time eludes me (or evades me, whichever suits), However this weekend is fairly free, i’ve no excuse then really

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