lentils & spinach rice bowl

lentil & spinach rice bowl - studio waterstone

I have Sophie to thank for this one. Because of my pup’s sensitive stomach, I’ve been reduced to serving up people food – a combination of rice, chicken and green beans. (she loves it and it’s working like a charm) Anyway…

lentil & spinach rice bowl - studio waterstone

The other day (as I was making sensitive doggie food) I couldn’t find anything for lunch (for myself) except a bit of leftover lentil soup. I looked at the pot of plain rice. I looked at the soup. I remembered that we had fresh baby spinach…

Lightbulb moment.

I added a scoop of hot rice to the bowl, added a generous handful of torn spinach and then topped it all with reheated lentil soup. Stir to mix and the spinach wilts beautifully.

Whoa Nellie. It was so good I headed out for more spinach, lentil soup (I get Progresso 99% Fat Free) and brown rice. Your meal takes less than 10 minutes and even less if you have leftover rice.


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  1. That looks yummy! I’ve been trying to incorporate more beans into my diet and have been eating a lot of spinach as well.

    I hope you are doing ok these days!

  2. Oh Sophie, what a sweetie. I love that you make her people food, I would do it too for our old dog Jack if I thought I could get all he needs into it. Do you have a certain recipe or guidelines that you could share? xo

  3. I am sure I would like that dish! And what I like too are your photos – they are really artful taken! Look at those clementine wedges on the spinach leaves – and your bowl goes in color with your meal!

  4. Ahh, sorry Sophie, I almost forgot you – you are the cutest dog lady, really! And you are sooooo pretty! 🙂

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