Lessons learned. Or are they?

Sophie, who knows that I’ll give her THAT LOOK, continues to roll.
She careth not and never learns – that’s the good thing about being a dog.

Learning over and over again can be a good thing – something you continue to be amazed to learn OR the result of a bad thing – from years of experience, like Sophie and her habitual rolling.

So, how about you?

The lesson I keep learning over and over again is __________.

Okay, your turn. Tell me what you’ve learned.


  • that is the funniest photo..
    from the tiny dashboard snap i thought, whoa that is one ugly
    ( sorry) marked dog..then i fell out laughing when i saw the big picture, not ugly at all ,just had a party suit on…dogs are the best.
    what i learn over and over..
    life is easier if i’m organized.

  • Love the photo – part of my husband’s allure was that he had a great lab named Sandy – we’ve had dogs in our family ever since. The lesson I keep on learning…exercising always seems time consuming and un-fun, but in the end makes me feel so much better (I don’t have this motivation problem with beads :-))

  • For me? It’s that I feel better when I exercise. I know that. I’ve proved it over and over again… and yet I still let the “don’t wannas” get in the way constantly. D’oh!

  • At first glance I thought the poor thing had porcupine quills all over her! Thank God she doesn’t! Being cute lets you get away with anything.

  • Love the photo and what did she roll in?

    My lessons, I have two.
    1. when my kids ask for a hug, always stop and give it to them. I always feel better afterwards.
    2. exercise – I never regret doing it and feel better afterwards.

  • FYI: for those who asked. She rolled in dried bermuda grass – more or less every day last fall.

    It wasn’t as bad as it looked, except that it needed a hair dryer to clean and she’s terrified of hair dryers – so that was a fun experience.

  • I’m going to add mine.

    The first thing that came to mind was how good I feel when I exercise, yet I never want to do it.

    Second – how good the house feels when it’s clean. Never want to do that either. But that’s more laziness than not knowing. 🙂

  • When you eat icecream in the evening your tummy hurts in the morning… ooooooohhhhhh…….how does one resist Brown Cow from Tillamook???

    I’m with you Sophie…..

  • Lori, I second you with both your lessons and a big TA! to Judy for hers… made me smile (and too true!)

    My lesson is that the slower I go the faster I get there. It sometimes frustrates me but always works.

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