waterstone lori plyler artisan reclcyed reclaimed leather handbags & jewelry
Life’s too short for…


instant coffee

fake friends

a shortage of shoes and bags


being serious

refusing to recycle, reuse, reduce

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{{ life is too short for… }}

Added to comments so far:
shaving your legs every day (rebecca)
vacuuming when your husband can do it (rochelle)
being negative (jesa)
not eating dessert first (jesa)
holding grudges (lorelei)
squirreling away all your money (lorelei)
worrying what others think of you (cat)
skipping family dinners (kelley)
cleaning the litter box when your husband can do it (kelley)
playing it too safe (odd chick)
trying to be germ-free (odd chick)
not risking your heart (odd chick)
getting too worked up over things that don’t really matter (bobbi)
worrying if I have back fat in this shirt or not!! (kolleen) lol
not having great friends (marilyn)
having bad hair days (debi)
waiting around all week to find if jury service wants you (debi)
having family live out of state (debi)
factory produced muffins (debbie)
lipstick & politics (debbie)
making the bed every day (debbie)
worrying about the dust under the fridge (debbie)
skipping dessert (jennifer)
not dancing a little bit every day (jennifer)
to not be forgiving (apaches princess)

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