loving it all (and making it work)…

loving everything (and how to fit it all in)

loving everything (and how to fit it all in)

I’ve been running in circles for months…years? It’s been terribly difficult to choose one focus and, now that my life has settled down (and I’ve re-read your wonderful advice here), it’s become quite simple, really. If you’ve struggled with similar questions, feel free to use this technique.

So, let’s see if I can break it down…

What I love:
1) bags
2) art
3) graphics

What I’ll do:
1) bags
2) art
3) graphics

More Specifically:

-the graphics: I’ve decided to offer some assistance to those who are stumped with design and need a little help with graphics for their blog (be it art or design) or help with designing a Blogger blog (see my FAQ page for more info).

-the art: having this little shop has been a success considering it’s small size. It’s been a great jumping off point for me and as a result the available prints will multiply – after all, it’s my first love.

-the bags: they will continue as I am able. I’m also thinking of bringing in some recycled leather camera straps – thoughts?

The Making It Work Part: I think the main thing is to quit thinking about it and just do what you love. What works, works and what doesn’t…well…doesn’t. Seems easy enough, right? Why, then, do we make it so difficult?

Thank you for your stellar advice and calming voices.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! Sometimes we overthink things. You’ve had a busy stretch. Wishing you some a stretch of stability. I am longing for it. Summers here are simply crazy/fun/busy….but I can’t think straight! I like the idea of the camera straps.

  2. Lori, I just admire you and your style. I always wonder how you do it all. Plus, I am thinking I will need some help with design on my blogspot!

  3. Hi L – Sounds like you have come to some amazing decisions and your work is amazing πŸ™‚

    I totally understand the challenges life can throw at us so unexpectedly and leave us wondering how to move forward – I am too timid to share much of it on my blog πŸ™

    Wishing you well with your new(modified path)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve had a dilemma like this too, from time to time. I just love several creative mediums. Watercolor, embroidery, sewing, quilting, etc. I am a textile artist, well, artist at heart. Deciding where to spend the bulk of my time has caused me some angst, not to mention what of it that I want to sell. I believe that your path will make itself (and also narrow) as you stick to what you love–there is just not time for everything! It has for me. I am now making money with my sewing, and spending the rest of the time with my other loves as I can! My time is full and I am fullfilled!

  5. I know. I keep filling up my nonexistent time with more creative pursuits. The Pop-a-Dot is one that threatens to take over. I don’t want it to! I need more time. Time to do that which I love instead of what someone else wants me to do, but sometimes those wanters keep the cash flowing, you know? So glad to know that you are going to help those of us that need it with out blogs. I want to sign myself up right now. I would love some help from you. And so happy to know that your art is getting the attention it deserves. But I am not surprised πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. I’m struggling with a similar dilemma Lori, trying to re-visit my art practice, but not quite knowing how to mesh that with what I’m doing now. Fascinating to read your previous post and the advice you got and to see your plan here. Just go for it say I, and good luck πŸ™‚

  7. This reminded me of a favorite song by Alabama, ” I’m in a Hurry.”That’s how I feel lately. Time to slow down & breathe.

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