waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories by lori plyler

I need your help

Let’s face it, Waterstone Jewelry doesn’t cut it anymore. Any suggestions? I’ve got a new poll to your immediate right – so please answer there. If you have another name, add it in a comment here. I will seriously consider your offerings. Unless it’s something like youreanass.com or handbagsbystupid.com. Here are the only rules:

waterstone.com is taken – boo hiss

I think that omitting the name “waterstone” will be too much of a change
agree? disagree?

needs to be easy to spell.
waterstonesupercallafragileistic.com is a bit much. Capeesh?

Okay, your turn. Lay it on me. Puleeze. Read the poll and read the suggestions below or add your’s. Only vote once though or else it’ll throw me off.
I’m not that smart.

Additional suggestions via comments:

Spirited Earth suggests:
waterstone designs (oops, not available)
waterstone’s (dang, not available)
waterstone studio (well shucks, not. available.)

Do-Rah! Designs suggests:
lori’s waterstone studio
waterstone designs by lori
and my personal favorite:

La Bella Joya suggests:

(will ANYBODY take me seriously? seriously?)

MizDarlin suggests:

My Life Under the Bus suggests:
(bahahahaha – and it took me about 5 minutes to type that)

Tesori Trovati suggests:
Agrees with WaterstoneOriginals
and adds
TheWaterstoneWay (nice!)

ooh, I’m kinda loving Yee’s suggestions:
(and they’re both available)

Yikes, this is making the decision harder. GREAT suggestions.

Marcie came back and suggested:

Jennifer from Hope Studios suggested:

P.S. AND don’t forget that next week is waterstone’s two year blogging anniversary. I’ll have an easy, fun giveaway EVERY day. Tune in.


  • How about Lori’s Waterstone Studio or waterstone designs by Lori. When I chose Do-Rah! designs, little did I know, the internet doesn’t let you use -, or !. I am now known as dorah…oh well…kinda stinks. Good luck. Can’t wait till next week, congrats!!

  • That picture is definitely worth a thousand words..as if the dog is saying “Oh, please!”
    How about waterstonecreatives? It covers a multitude off things-not limited to bags…

  • Hmmmmmm…….

    Lady Wawa
    Hands to the Grindstone
    Watering Hole
    Water Logged
    Waterstone Handmade …is that taken ???
    Is That Your Waterstone…or are You Just Happy to See Me ?
    Maybe Waterstone Revival……

  • I like WaterstoneOriginals. I am assuming that you will do more than just bags, still some jewelry now and then.

    My actual original thought before I wrote this was The Waterstone Way. Because what I see from you is that you have an aesthetic, a process and a philosphy behind what you create whether is the same no matter if it is a bag or a necklace.

    That is my two cents.

    Enjoy the day!

  • Personally, I really like Waterstone Jewelry!! I think it suits you and your designs and sounds quite classy. I guess it doesn’t get across the other types of items you offer, like bags though, huh?

    Anyway, I like Waterstone…also consider how much brand recognition you have now that you could potentially lose with a name switch.


    P.S. Looks like lots of good ideas here, though!

  • Sorry, about the joke, it was more a comment on how much I’m loving my bag….okay, I thought about it and I’m thinking Waterstone Handmade…that way you’re not trapped into just bags and you can make the occasional jewelry….you could put in your tagline: Handmade, upcycled bags and unique jewelry.
    Just thinkin’…

  • Hi Marcie,
    Are you kidding me!? I loved your comment/joke. The long name made me laugh out loud. In fact, There have been some really funny names suggested and some terrific names I hadn’t thought of. Now I’ve got to decide – the tough part.

  • I’m just going to go my route and call you Waterstone Studio! (oops already gone). Maybe Studio Waterstone? Kind of like Studio 54!

    I think Waterstone Originals is available.

    Authentic Waterstone is like a double play on your use of authentic materials and your authentic design aesthetic. And it gets you to the front of the phone book since it starts with an A! woop!

  • How about WaterstoneReMade? Also, I have a Banana Republic bomber jacket in brown leather that my husband bought in his youth and wore like 4 times – it’s yours for the price of postage 🙂

  • Elisabeth,
    I love WaterstoneReMade! I’m also in, chickie, on the bomber jacket. There will be a little something in it for you, too. Thank you!

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