My favorite daughter (translate – only) agreed to model purses for me today and after playing with backdrops, etc. for what seemed like forever, we determined that simple was the way to go. I’m pretty happy with the initial results.

Do you use a model? Do you like seeing products modeled? Opinions are valuable. So drop me a line.


When we finished i photographed our pup Sophie, who patiently sat to the side watching until it was her turn. Cute, huh?



  • An awesome model! I love the pictures. Great body, great look with the denim … perfect for your work. And I'm sure she's reasonably priced, eh! If I buy one of your pieces, will I look like that? Oh, shucks, I already know the answer!

  • Thanks for the nice reinforcement, ladies. when I try new things, I always have a giant question mark hanging heavily over my head wondering if it's worth a crap.

    Interestingly, since I've edited my pictures on Etsy, my analytics have improved in only one day. Longer visits, more pages, etc. Guess there's something to the advise we've been hounded with, huh? Pictures Pictures Pictures…

  • I like the simple background against her white shirt and jeans, with the bags perfectly centered in the middle!! Such cute bags…and I remember when I used to have a body like your daughter's…sigh

    Thanks for the follow! I'm now following yours!

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