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[ my first harvest. don’t laugh. i’m proud ]
Heading out for another road trip today. This trip will be two-fold. I’ll get to enjoy visiting with my mom and sis in North Carolina. In addition, I’m going to show off my wares and hopefully sell a few – well, a lot.
You never know what’s going to happen with these things. (By these things I’m referring to private parties, private sales, trunk sales, craft fairs, etc.) My experience with fairs has left me feeling that I just don’t want to mess with it. This time it’s an event for realtors that will be catered, offer free manicures and pedicures, and have a couple of sellers (that’s where I fit in).
I am more excited about attending this show because it will be the first time I’ve come face-to-face with consumers who will consider buying my bags, which I’ve only been selling since the first of this year. I’m a little nervous, a little excited.
Now it’s your turn…
1. As a seller, what has been your experience with this type of thing?
2. If you’re on Etsy, do you inactivate your items or put the shop in “vacation mode” when you sell for an event?

and as a consumer…
3. What’s been your best experience with an artist at an event? Your worst?

4. What do you most like to see?
Hoping you have a great week!


  • Shows are a lot of work. And I'm lazy- so the two things don't mix.
    So I do 2 shows a year. a trunk show at my house- which mostly my friends and co-workers come to.
    And I just signed up again to do the Raising the Roof fund raiser at a local Jewish temple. I did this show last year, and put a lot of work into my display- and jewelry sales were PHENOMENAL. so very worth it.
    Yes, I put the shop in vacation mode… don't wanna sell things twice!
    I think your bags will do great, I have no worries for you! Your work is impeccable and being there, selling in person- there is nothing like it. Etsy cannot compare! that's my two cents. have a good Monday! and a good trip to NC!

  • Thanks, Lori. I was thinking that it would be easier to put it in vacation mode. I'm not surprised your items do well – they're gorgeous!

  • I have never done a craft show or fair…. best of luck, I hope you exceed your expectations, and congrats on the tomatoes!

  • As a consumer, I just like to see a little variety – a little something for everyone. And if it's well made (if I can tell the artist really took the time on each piece) then I'm more apt to buy. I think you'll do great! Best of luck and safe travels!

  • I hope you have a nice getaway. I think selling your designs in a forum with realtors will be awesomely fantastic for you!

  • Enjoy your trip and your visit with your family! And I hope your sale goes well, too – no experience to add on that!

    I wore your earrings and necklace out the other night with an old, dear high school buddy who lives here in Oklahoma (we both married guys from OK – how weird is that??). She loves funky jewelry and complimented me on mine (yours). I reminded her that when we were in high school, she showed me how to make jewelry – I still have 3 pairs of earrings I made with her. She was amazed by my memory and wants me to e-mail her photos when I get home!

    Anyway, have a great trip!


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