studio waterstone
morning sun.

studio waterstone

peace. quiet.

studio waterstone

and then I walk into my studio…

studio waterstone

and think…

studio waterstone

who could do such a thing? what creature is this? certainly no one I know.

How’s your day looking?


  • And while you look at that pile, all I can think is “oh, all those possiblities!” I mean, really, who can work in neatnes???? 🙂

  • I’m happiest when I’m creating! Unfortunately/fortunately, I’m getting ready for my daughter’s graduation and party, so too much cleaning needs to be done….one more week and then I play to hit the studio with a vengeance!

  • Cleaning, packing to go on a trip as soon as the kids get home from school today and trying so hard to get over this cold that is kicking my butt 🙁

    So nice to see the morning sun though, isn’t it! 🙂

  • Once a boss of my from years ago told me a neat desk is a sign of an empty mind. I’ve kept that thought with me every time I see my bead table in such a disaster.

  • Look at all of that beautiful leather yes I agree..all the possibilities! I hope the sun comes out today because I need good good light for torching! Comeon Sunshine you can do it lol…

  • Wow!! Love that tree!!! You need to rest in that room for a little bit more than you can dive into the creative possibilities pile! :)))

  • Oh yummy goodness going on there with that pile! But I’ll admit that I’m jealous of your sun on yet another weary, rainy day. (I actually had to turn on the *heater* under my desk at work. blah.)

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