As Alison Lee of Craftcast advises repeatedly, “Just put your butt in the chair”, I’ve done just that this week above all other distractions. I needed to produce and, well, I’ve produced.
My creative space this week is planted right in the chair between sewing machine number one and sewing machine number two.
studio waterstone where we create
Many times I’ve remained in my pajamas until 3:00. But, hey, whatever works, right?
(I pity the fool who walks into my studio and takes one glance.)
studio waterstone where we create
I have handmade patterns and a huge pile of deconstructed leather
…and sometimes one dog and one cat.

studio waterstone where we create
Kind of like a war zone.
How about you?
Care to share your creative space today?

P.S. Don’t forget about yesterday’s little giveaway goodness. It’ll be around through tonight.


  • chucklesnort!
    Get your butt in the chair is just what I need to do! (And away from the computer!) I will be making that into a big ass (pun intended) sign to post everywhere I can see it! And then I will think of you!
    I think that creative spaces cannot be tidy. Those creative space magazines where everything is perfect, the furniture all looks like an Ikea catalog and everything is color coordinated are lala… mine looks like yours (minus the sewing machine, leather scraps and furry ones).
    Thanks for sharing and for the creative nudge.
    Enjoy the day!

  • The boys are home today so the only crafting is at my kitchen table!!!My craft room is now frozen over : (….. *Butt to Chair* is the *Just Do It* cry of the home crafter!!! Truer words were never spoken.

  • I need to get my butt in the chair and make more Christmas items, but I get distracted to easily ^.^ My creative space is a disaster zone. It needs to cleaning up, lol.

  • You’ve got such an amazing space! So big! I’m very jealous of that. Yes, today I’m hoping to get lots done and keep my butt in my chair for most of the day.

  • Came over from Etsy. What a lovely blog! Craft room organization is so hard. Lately, I’m struggling just to find energy. I did post a linky to my quick clean-up for my craft room. You may find a helpful idea. It “ain’t Martha” but it works.

  • Ugh, you do not want to hear about my creative space, because – truth is – I don’t really have one. I envy the people who live in the apartments across the street from me. They get a beautiful view of a river. Oh, how I envy…

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