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Happy Friday! Thought I’d share my favorite art app with you – another way of getting those creative juices flowing freely. It’s called 53paper and it works with both Apple and Android products. Super fun once you free your mind up and begin to layer and paint. I’m not very good with the sylus so ye ole finger does trick for me. This sketch is loose and wallpaper-ish. Hm…
Big plans for you this weekend? Are you snowed in? My sweetie comes home today for the entire week so I’m a happy little camper. Not sure what we’ll be doing this weekend but I’ve no doubt it’ll involve the outdoors as it’s finally supposed to be sunny here. Woo hoo!
Have a good one and be sure to play a little.
P.S. Snap a few up close shots and join me here on Sunday for I Heart Macro
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  1. Thanks for the info and sharing your beautiful sketches. I tried to find it on my HTC android but no luck so far. It’s fairly new so I might not be searching right.

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