my sketchbook: digital drawings


This digital thing is quickly becoming an obsession for me. It’s easy. It’s meditative. It forces me to work more loosely – always a challenge. And it only requires my tablet and stylus. I’ve started drawing when I’m “supposed” to be quietly still like everyone else – watching television at night. (both “quietly” and “still” are nearly impossible for me) 
Do you do other things while (supposedly) sitting still?
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  1. WoW .. just what I needed this morning on this dreary gray foggy cloudy overcast day … Love . Love . Love the jump of color!!

    Muchas Gracias ……… I can get to work! ♦♦

  2. I do exactly what I’m doing now. . .flipping through blogs, reading, and commenting.
    Your skills on an electronic sketchbook are just as amazing as on paper!

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