It’s been a busy, discombobulated week and I’m excited for the weekend.  Excited because Jeff will be house/condo/loft hunting tomorrow in Cincinnati followed by lots of time spent at home in Atlanta. Then we’ll  have time with friends followed by his move to a new city and, finally, my trip to settle in to the new place. Whew!


I’m excited because this will be a more permanent move for us – a smaller place. So, I gather items, such as dishes, paintings, etc. for our new home – whatever and wherever that may be.  
In addition to being a hunter and gatherer I worked in the studio where, I have to admit, my mind wasn’t focused.  I walked in, was completely overwhelmed, and walked out.  Whatever I made didn’t hit all the marks.  As a result, I got a couple of expensive rejects (I always carry the rejects – okay, not ALWAYS)  Ever had one of those weeks?  Again, my mind is elsewhere.


So, I am lured to drawing and painting – a meditative activity.


Spent time with Sophie, my constant companion, as she rolls in the tall grass,


spots something


and pounces.


Anyone know what this weed/flower happens to be called?
So, because I’m thinking new place, new ideas, storage,
and if you’re looking for something to organize your lady things…

storage Collage

I think these are all quite doable.
Hope you’re inspired.
What’s on your plate for the weekend?


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