my week with a little sparkle…

Our week in Atlanta began frosty and appropriately cool. Then as the days sped along, it became uncharacteristically warm and muggy. I prefer cool and frosty. The quilts were folded and put away.

For an artistically minded person, folks are always surprised that holiday decorating doesn’t happen for me and Christmas happens…actually…closer to Christmas. So my sparkles are from light bouncing off of everyday items.

Glass Globe
…a beautiful handblown globe.

Glass Ball
…pieces of blue glass.

…a small votive.

And on another topic. I’m dying to relearn (or maybe properly learn?) the art of knitting. As a leftie, it’s always come with difficulty. But…maybe it’s the season? Maybe I’m wishing for frosty days and snuggling with my quilt? Maybe I just felt like pulling out Jessie’s God awful purple yarn and attempting a straight stitch.

Do you knit? Are you a leftie? If so, can you impart some knowledge?

Other happenings this week…
Did you grab this?
Something new for the shop.

*The sparklies in this post of part of the Focus on Life Project, Week 49. Do visit.

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  1. Love your sparkles – especially the globe! I’m ambidextrous and want to learn to knit and crochet, but have no idea which hand to use or where to learn – Other than the fabric store or you tube!! Let us know how this goes for you Lori. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  2. I finally learned to knit with this video:
    and I also found one book that I really love: Simple Knitting with Erica Knight-it’s a progressive workshop book that teaches you a new stitch with each new project (projects I actually would wear/use). I have a few other books and looked at tons at the store and this is the only one that I use! So when I get really good I’m going to get some patterns from NeekaKnits on Etsy. I have one of her patterns (Portlandia Hoodie) and the instructions are very clear. I’m going to look so cool in that 🙂
    Kim (Texas)

  3. Lori, I love your little touches of sparkle!

    Good Luck with knitting, I’m more of a crocheter, I’ve had my go around with knitting and I’m not very good with two needles, 🙂

  4. Love your sparkles! I do knit / crochet when the cold weather hits. I learned when I was very young, and I do both in the old European style (can’t figure out how you do it here!) 🙂 Hope you find help – I know it’s hard to learn things the ‘opposite’ way 🙂

  5. Great pictures! Absolutely love the photos of the glass, and I’m with you with the decorating as well. If it gets done 4 days before Christmas, I consider my Christmas made.

  6. Love the sparkly globe! I envy knitters and my sis-in-law is a very talented one. She loves the web site Ravelry. Not sure if you are familiar with it but she raves about it.I still treasure the afghans my grandmother made for me. It’s a great art!

  7. I knit but I’m not a leftie.. but I could probably help… contact me… I do a lot of things left handed… Love the sparkle in the handblown globe!

  8. Oh my goodness, Lori, another leftie wanna be knitter.
    On and off, I have tried for years to learn. I can knit something straight, like a scarf, and I so enjoy doing so (so relaxing), but anything more than that…not happening! I do keep going back to it though.

    Happy Sunday to you!

  9. My friend is a lefty. I think she knits continental style. I like Kid’s Knitting by Melanie Falick for teaching kids and adults to knit. And then Sally Melville’s books because you only learn what you need to know as you need it. Great instructions and photos – pick a project and dive in. I bought a kit from Purl Soho to teach my son’s girlfriend. It’s been a while since I have taught anyone and I’m really looking forward to it.

  10. I’m a lefthanded knitter and had problems for years. Then I taught myself to crochet from my mother’s old book by transferring everything (left=right, right=left etc.) eventually I mastered it. What’s good for crochet has to be good for knitting!
    Then my children were all right handed ….. I sat them facing me and they copied me, as they were in front of me my left was their right – if you follow – so if my thread went round the needle (as in {chant style} needle in, thread round, needle through, stitch off) left to right theirs went right to left – they can all knit and crochet!!
    Best of luck – chanting helps as I still do it in my mind and I am now older (68 next week) and …I have just learned to knit using ‘fishtail’ stitch, it’s my pride and joy even with a few mistakes!!!
    Best of luck in the mastering

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