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waterstone lori plyler reclaimed handbags & jewelry

waterstone lori plyler reclaimed handbags & jewelry
I’m in somewhat of a pickle, a field of weeds, so to speak.
About a month or so ago, and after tons of research I finally bought my own camera. I had decided that the best possible point and shoot was the way to go. This way, it easily goes where I go (which today is the Georgia DVM – oh help). I love this camera and it’s capabilities.
But – and this is a big but…
I don’t easily admit to my mistakes.
I made one. The camera does not push as far as I want it to go. Now I am saving for a DSLR, something I should have gotten in the first place.
Ever found yourself in a predicament such as this?
What kind of camera do you use?

Tell me, tell me please…


  • It stinks to spend a bunch of money only to realize a few months in that you should have saved longer and spent more to get better. I love my Nikon D90 and while it was more than I have ever spent on any camera and I am a long ways from mastering every function, I'm wondering if I should have gotten better because higher models up have better results with ISO for low light photography (I'm anti-flash now). How spoiled do I sound? 😐

  • I just jumped to the world of DSLR last year – canon xsi. Don't sell yourself too short on your new point & shoot (which one did you get?) before you've had ample time to explore it. If you take it off automatic, I'm sure you can do some pretty neat things. The thing I miss most about my point & shoot is the versality. Now I have to lug around a bunch of lenses, or try to guess which one I'll need before I leave the house (and I usually choose wrong) PLUS, I've spent way too much $$ on lenses. The grass isn't always greener…

  • I love my Canon XSi… I just got it for Christmas and haven't learned all the functions, but I will… eventually. (I do agree with Beki though… it can be a pain to lug around everywhere.)

  • Why is it that things that are supposedly "ugly" are sometimes the most beautiful? As for cameras, I am in the same boat as you. Last feb, I purchased a nice point and shoot. Has good zoom and I like the quality. But I can't help but think I should have held out for a nicer one! Bummer. And that being said, I'm a Canon girl!

  • I've got a cannon 450d – AND I LOVE IT!!!

    It's so easy to use and I admit some times I don't have the time to use all the features but I love know that they are there and I can use them any time I want.

    It takes a beautiful picture.

    Good luck with your camera hunting

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