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FREE – a wonderful word. But is anything free?

For now, yes. Read on…

Because I’ve developed a passion for blogging equal to my passion for creating other, more tangible things, I’m toying with the idea of accepting sponsored ads for this blog.

I’m not taking a traditional path though. I thought it would be fun to begin with something a little easier on your wallet, say, FREE. We’ll do it for a couple of months – right here in my sidebar. Test market for me and win/win for you – because really, who doesn’t want more traffic to their shop, blog or website for the grand price of zero dollahs?

The Skinny:

Either comment on this post or contact me via that little button at the top to let me know you’re interested. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer. From you, I’ll need a button. I’ll ask for feedback. Are you receiving traffic? Has it been a good thing for you? There is absolutely no catch or commitment. But…

Please note:

I’ll only accept sponsored ads which I feel will mesh well with my readers. I will not advertise things that I don’t believe in or are not a good fit for my blog.

Having said all that…why do it? Why not?

It’s free!


P.S. Have you seen my giveaway this week? No? Get thee to the post pronto if you’d like a chance to win a whimsically stitched recycled leather cuff and recycled red suede journal cover.


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