New Relief Prints in the Shop

Someone asked me the other day on Instagram when I would be offering my linocut prints for sale and my reply was as soon as I get my ducks in a row. Life gets in the way of so much - or is it the other way around? 
Good news. I got a few ducks lined up!

Shop Linocut Relief Prints

Shop Linocut Relief Prints
Specifically, three, prints and am so pleased with them! They look absolutely fantastic framed. The buggy one you see above was from 52 Weeks of Print and was originally done with a turquoise background. Must say I prefer the creamy background as an alternative. I'm planning to create more so this will be part of a set of three small prints.

Shop Linocut Relief Prints













More to come as I'm able to print samples (each one is made to order), photograph and list. Once again, life and all it's busy-ness.

You can find each of these prints in the shop.

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