It’s been a heck of a week (and it’s only Wednesday!) beginning with a milestone birthday for moi followed by a milestone wedding anniversary – the big 25! The flowers were from my kiddos who also surprised me with a box of creme horns
(Side Note) Do you know what creme horns are? They’re cream filled pastries which contain, I’m certain, 99.9% fat – the bad kind. The kids remembered that when I passed said CR in the grocery store I would make the sign of the cross and back away. It’s a strange weakness – which is why I never purchased them. They bought them. I ate them.
So, along with obsessing over my adorable husband and mischievous offspring, I’m in love with…
This gorgeous scarf, a gift from my bestie.


cuties – just because


Water for Elephants on the Kindle

Downton Abbey. Seriously. Obsessing.


And my Dove dark chocolates.
How appropriate – Renew Your Sense of Discovery
What has you obsessing?
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  1. Good things to obsess on dear Lori!

    Lately on how to make {create, beg, borrow, steal} a better life…

    Be good to yourself.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, and Happy Anniversary to you!

    My youngest wanted to try those cuties after seeing them on TV, but our small town grocery didn’t have them. What a disappointment.

    As for obsessions, in addition to beads, I have an obsession for magazines and anything chocolate.

  3. My trip to Miami this weekend has me obsessing. In spite of having bronchitis and being all drugged up. It’s going to be fabulous. I just know it.

    Happy 25th to you and Mr. Waterstone! And happy 40th to you 😀

  4. Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

    The scarf is gorgeous. You are so lucky.

    I’ve been obsessing over hearts lately and greeting cards in general.

  5. Happy Birthday (late)…I going to have a slice of moist,dark chocolate cake with the yummiest chocolate frosting in your honor. (like I need an excuse to eat cake…)
    Hmmmmm,I may just have to have a second slice to honor your anniversary.

  6. Downton – LOVE! Discovered Season 1 at the library and DD & I watched it all in one sitting (lazy afternoon!). We are so thrilled for SEason 2.

  7. A very Happy B-day and Happy Anniversary to you, Lori!

    I love those Cuties too! Can’t wait for them to hit the market each year and sad to see them go at season’s end! I’m also on a cucumber kick lately. Eat one for a snack before I go to bed at night. My latest obsession!

  8. Downton Abbey, for sure. I’ve been rewatching season 1 to fill in the week until season 2’s next episode.
    happy anniversary and birthday!

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