Hi there chickies – how goes it? I’m having the best time this week playing around. (I know. I play around a lot) Anyhoo…I did this tutorial some time back on the easiest, and quite possibly the coolest and unique-est diy wine corks made from drawer pulls. Since that time, I can’t pass a drawer pull with the same “it’s a drawer pull” attitude.

Additionally, since that time, said tutorial has been fine tuned and perfected. But first…

Thought I’d show you my inspiration – a cork which was made from an antique door knob. I love that thing. And I love my bestie for her sweet generosity. The corks on the side are just a few I’ve made. (At the risk of digressing too much, I really am not a drunk. I just love pretty wine corks.)

cork collage e
NEW TIPS: It can be downright difficult to screw the pull into the cork properly. First. Get a smaller cork (3/4″ in diameter at the top). I got a bag of six corks here for $1.99.

As for screwing the drawer pull into the cork, use a small drill or even a nail to start the hole and have it centered.

That’s it. Wine cork away! (but not so much that you appear to be a drunk)

What’s your current obsession?

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  1. My current obsession is leather journal books. I can’t pass up a beautiful book. I have to start writing, or drawing more!

  2. Okay Missy brilliant idea, my DS collects wine cork,now I”l be on the look out for drawer pull, her BD is July, love this idea:):) My obsession at the moment is playing with my inks,and I made my own ink sprays, thanks for asking, and have a playful day..

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