“Ode to Summer” Painting Small with Acrylics

This past weekend I reviewed all of the photos I've taken since...are you ready?...2013. It took awhile. I was searching for subject matter for painting and reference. SO MANY PHOTOS! The entire review inspired me to break out my DSL camera.

In truth it really isn't my fault it's been delegated to the back burner. With this whole thyroid thing I've dealt with since, well 2013, my hands aren't as steady as they once were. And admittedly it's easier/more steady using my iPhone. I digress. 

This image I do believe I snapped while on a long, quiet lake walk. Ah summer. I'll miss you - or at least the pretty, non humid parts.

This original, called "Ode to Summer", is painted in acrylics onto 6" x 6" wrapped canvas and it's available for summertime dreaming any time of the year.

Want to own it?

Click here for purchasing information.

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