waterstone lori plyler artisan handbags & jewelry
{ the Sbarro cup really helps the picture, don’t you think? }
Oops. I’m a lover of art, creating and fun things like giveaways, but not very organized! As I type this I am in the beautiful hotel lobby in Virginia waiting for my model (um, daughter) to finish her primping so that we can make the 7-8 hour drive back to Georgia. Fun.
The giveaway ended last night but we will have to wait until tomorrow morning to announce the winner of the wristlet.
So, until then wish us safe travels puleeze and I’ll be back tomorrow!


  • wow I just looked at the website for that hotel! I've been eagerly awaiting the results of the giveaway, good luck to everyone who entered. Have a good trip home.

  • safe travels home! maybe we can get together soon? lori was asking for pics of the two of us meeting, but I thought that would be better after showers and not gym/yardwork activities 😀

  • lol, no, it's not my house. I could never clean a house like that. (funny what your first thought goes to). I didn't want to go into too much detail for safety reasons, but hubs had business and gets to stay in a nice hotel. We just tagged along and reaped the perks. 😀

    Thanks for the well wishes, ladies. We made it back safely and will be back with bells on tomorrow.

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