Like my new digs? It’s nothing really – just a summer cottage. It was getting too hot in Atlanta, so we thought we’d head north to our mountain “cottage” to cool down.
We went from 95 degrees to a cool 98.

We have 528 bathrooms.

Yeah. Okay, so it’s not ACTUALLY ours. Shocking, right?

This morning as I sat in the fancy dining room, I had pancakes with peaches, raspberries, raspberry syrup, and sausage WITH a side of peach ice cream, grapefruit juice, and 20 cups of coffee. I snuck and took a picture of it but the waiter walked up, I panicked, stashed my phone, and forgot to save the picture.

I informed Mr. Waterstone that we are going on a diet next week.


Every time I walk to my room I think of The Shining.
Next thing you know I’ll be running through a maze while Johnny is chasing me with a snow plow – in 98 degree weather. Johnny? Jack? Jack.

I need more peach ice cream.


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