our weekend, a winner, and a new bag

Hi there and Happy Monday.  I hope your weekend was lovely.  It was busy in my neck of the woods. I finished the new fall tote shown above on Friday. It should be headed to the shop sometime today followed by, I hope, a few more as the week trickles on.

studio waterstone bags
The response to the suede artist’s pouch giveaway was overwhelming!  Thank you to so many who “liked” and “shared”.  I’ll be having another giveaway again very soon so if you didn’t win, don’t give up!  For this weeks giveaway, congratulations goes to Lorelei Eurto!  And Lorelei “shared” so I’ll be sending one to her friend, too.  Enjoy your swag ladies!
studio waterstone bags
My sweetheart came home on Thursday and, as is normally the case, we spent nearly all of our time together except for a few stolen hours of product photography while Jeff mountain biked on Saturday.  A couple of the resulting pics are shown above and I must say, I’m pretty pleased this time around.

And speaking of…would someone please tell me why product photography is so DIFFICULT?

On Sunday, we had a lovely outdoor lunch here. I had the vegetable panini. It was utterly splendid.  

So that’s it for me.  I hope you have a beautiful Monday.

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  1. Congrats Lorelei! (love your name by the way! if i ever have a daughter going to name her Lorelei Rose!)

    OMG Lori, the new bag design is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    I am with you on the difficulty of photographing products! I’m in the midst of photographing 50 handwoven/handknit scarves and shawls for a shop update and its completely crazy hard! you want to make sure the photos look great, the colors are accurate and the design is clear. (course having helping paws try to get into the photos studio room is always a challenge!)

  2. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend. Glad the two houses/two states thing is working out for now 🙂

    We enjoyed having Jamie at home on Sunday – he is really enjoying college!

    Your photos are always gorgeous!


    Book By Book

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