oy vey (and some inspiration)

studio waterstone blog
I know.  I know.  Shots of the studio – again.  Hey, it’s where I live, eat, breathe, work.  Most days.
studio waterstone blog
I’m working on more things. These bags. It’s a sick obsession.  

studio waterstone blog
Six full sized bags.  Four leather clutches and four (or five) fabric clutches.
But my arm is feeling tired.  So I’m walking away for the day.
Crying “oy vey” and “good bye until tomorrow” and walking away to…
studio waterstone blog
sketch new designs. of bags. obsession.

And just as a little aside, I’ve stumbled onto some uber inspiration these past few days.
While I’m vegetating and not making – you know – bags.


Simply delicious sketches.  This lady has got some serious talent.
This blog and artist.  Oh my.
this makes me want to make a quilt – real bad.
And this quote. I think it’s true.  How about you?

Posted in from the studio.


  1. I love behind the scenes glimpses of what’s happening in your studio. Process. I’m kind of all about process and I love to see yours. Courage. Ahhh, I think I’ve only found my growing up bits over the last couple of years. So many years on this planet and finally I feel like I’ve become grown up sort of. And yeah, there has been a lot of courage in it when I stop to think of it.

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