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I’ve been in a sketching and painting state of mind all week. This little floral happened today. I began with bold color, then added inked details and finished with a little more paint. Very meditative indeed.

Reading. I am complete immersed in this book, Proof of Heaven: a Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. It’s a surprisingly easy read and, oddly enough, has a few of the takeaway feelings I once experienced. Heard of it? Read it? Please do, chime in.

Preview. Oh how I love getting new issues of Uppercase delivered to my mailbox. If you’ve never read it, here’s a full preview of their newest #17 issue. Enjoy!

(materials used today: Windsor Newton Watercolor Watercolors, Windsor Newton White Designer’s Gouache, Micron Pens, Sharpie Fine Markers)
Posted in my sketchbook.


  1. I read the review on the book and it sounded interesting, I put it on my wishlist, thank you for sharing. I just finished reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography, looking for something to read next. Your flowers are very lace-like and delicate.

  2. WOOOW Lori the colors you create are put of this world, oh my goodness I love them, your flowers are just too pretty, thanks for sharing I so love coming here it such eye candy, thanks for the sweetness too, hope you have a wonderful weekend..

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