waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories
recover from this post vacation sluggishness. Again.
Do you ever feel as if you’re moving in slow motion? Today, I’m sort of embracing it.

While it’s 98 degrees outside, I’m dreaming of cooler weather.
I know, I’ve got awhile to go. A girl’s gotta dream.

I’m dreaming of fall things like…

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

…a great pair of comfy boots. Seriously, could they not take you anywhere?
Except for possibly dinner in your little black dress and really, how often do we do that?

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

I know, why am I looking at handbags when I make them? Simple – I love them and this one makes me smile and drool. I began to make recycled handbags because of bags like this one which I can’t afford. I pulled the old, “I can do that!”

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

Could do the whole outfit. Isn’t the shoe color great? And you thought you hated teal.

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

I NEED a pair of comfy flats. Just need them.

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

This red one could cure anything that ails ya.

Okay, well, thanks for shopping with me. I sure enjoyed it. Now it’s time for us to stop off at the nearest coffee shop for a coffee and scone – or maybe a bear claw. That’s what I would pick – while I’m dreaming. What will you have?

By the way, these gorgeous items are all available at Anthropologie for the low, low price of

one arm

and one leg .

See you tomorrow!


  • Comfy flats? You sure you weren’t dreaming about that? says the girl who wears nothing but tennis shoes or flip flops.

    Love the big bags!

    ps. my captcha word is linger. now I have that song in my head…do you haf to? do you haf to? do you haf to let it liiiiiinnngeeerrrrrrrr

  • I love that picture of your dog – that’s how I feel today! And those flats are SO cute. They have cute flats at Target right now, too, you know, if you want to keep your arms and legs.

  • It is almost midnight, and I am going through my bloglist reads, being really tired. And after your dog pictures, I guess I forgot on which blog I was, because when I got to the first picture of the purse, I thought immediately: “Boy, this bag is really not that cool, I should leave a comment on this blog post and leave the link to Lori / Waterstone’s Etsy Shop….”.
    I should go to bed šŸ™‚

  • Kelly, girl I agree! Target has the cutest things and I’m not really into the arm and leg thing, to tell you the truth.

  • I love those flats! And that lab is beautiful. I love labs; they’re my favorite breed of dog. I, too, am ready for fall. I’ve never been much of a summer person except for when my break comes around. But fall is by far my favorite season. The mountains are at their most beautiful in the fall. Well, maybe closely tied with winter season, but only if it snows. šŸ™‚

  • Too funny! I pull the “I can do that” quite often. However, I still have many projects lined up I haven’t even started. I’m also dreaming of cooler weather. Bleh.

  • I’ll have a cinnamon bun, but I’m not ready to be over my sundresses and filmy skirts for the summer. I do love Anthropologie though, and I do have some extra arms and legs…

  • I love living in slow motion. Most of the time the world spins much too fast to my taste.

    Love this outfit and the teal flats but won’t sell my arms and legs for it! hmmm…. Check out those flats. Not sure how comfy they are (As they are very very flat) but they’re so cute).

    Have a lovely weekend!!

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