Hi there! This is the first real post from my new blogging home and I'm oddly nervous. As if I haven't been doing this for almost nine years (!) Today I want to share a bit of life on and off line as well as the progression of my latest sketchbook entry. 

Health-wise I'm chugging along, back to being a little foggy and sluggish as they fine tune my thyroid levels but, hey, I'm alive and getting better and that is always a good thing, my friend. 

Business/Blogging/Social Networking in General-wise, I'm easing into that too after having my original blog disappear from the face of the earth (causing wide spread panic and worldwide destruction) only to pop up about a week later. It's like the damn thing went on vacation and didn't give notice. That prompted me to step up and make some needed changes such as taking the final step in changing over from Studio Waterstone to Lori Plyler Art & Design, transferring my long time Etsy shop to my new art shop and moving the blog to my website here on WordPress. 

Art wise. Oh, how I itch to create. Such a good thing. I even have a burning desire to make a few leather bags. (Fingers crossed that I don't sew a finger or some other vital body part)

That's about it for now. I'll pop back in later this week to share the finished painting. Stay warm (or cool) and creative.


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