studio waterstone
First, props to a gorgeous weekend!  Here in Atlanta, the temperature hovered in the low seventies and the sun was a constant presence.  How was it in your neck of the woods?
studio waterstone
And speaking of props, I really wasn’t happy with some recent images that I’d taken and decided to reshoot those bags along with a new bag this afternoon. MUCH happier with the results.  I’m trying to become comfortable using props.
studio waterstone
Why oh why is it so difficult to let go and be creative?  Even with something as simple as a prop and photography? Do you play with props and, if so, do you find it to be a sometimes roadblock?  Do spill.
BTW, two of the bags are already in the shop.  The other will join them tonight.
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  1. Gorgeous here also, Lori, though these severe air pressure changes have been terrible for headaches! Almost 70 here today but tomorrow is supposed to be 40’s with cold rain…lovely. I think that was last we have seen of nice weather – lucky you in sunny Georgia!


  2. I’ve tried using props for my jewelry photos but I can’t ever seem to get them to look right. So for now I just use a plain background. I think you did a great job with these props.

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