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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to find that one of your arms is totally and inexplicably numb? This happened to me night before last and I sat straight up in bed, flinging my arm around, trying to get the feeling back. It was a freaky thing. Using my good arm, I flung my bad arm so violently that I hit myself in the head. Hate that feeling. Has this ever happened to you? No? Um, well, me neither.
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The next time that you see this hideous tee shirt (and you will see this hideous tee shirt) it will take the form of a comfy camisole thanks to the inspiration from this lady and her post about this. This lady can turn an ugly tee shirt into a thing of beauty. If she can do it, I can too.
By the way, the hideous tee shirt was purchased from this fabulous place that sells fair trade coffee and other wonderful things – like tee shirts. I love this shirt, but let’s face it, I have no idea what possessed me to purchase such a thing. I just felt compelled.
That’s my randomness for this week. Promise.
Sure hope your Sunday is splendid.


  • Okay, here’s something truly weird. I was staying the night at my cousin’s house several months ago and while I was sleeping it sounded like someone was calling my name and urging me to wake up. I just kept hearing “Lauren…Lauren…Lauren!” until finally I woke up and noticed that my left leg had gone completely numb. It was almost like I was being suffocated until I was finally jarred awake by the sound of my name in my head…very strange. But it freaked me out. I was so startled I woke up my cousin and was a little weary of going back to sleep.

  • I hate waking up with a numb arm, it happened to me and I couldn’t work out who the arm belonged to! I mean I would be able to feel it is it were mine wouldn’t I?
    I think you will do a great job on the t shirt, can’t wait to see teh after photo.

  • Love that photo the flowers look like something alien ! …I have totally hit myself with my own arm …..just don’t tell anyone ! It is an awful feeling – I usually sleep with an arm under my head and pillow and wake up and have to drag my arm out from under the pillow and slap it around …creepy … the cami idea !!

  • I’ve definitely woken up with a numb arm, but I’ve never hit myself with it, hehe.

    However, I have had several occasions of waking up *almost* getting hit in the face by my boyfriend’s arm as he’s tried to shake some life back into it once it’s gone numb………….. 🙂 Managed to dodge it every single time just in time. And of course he’s then still half asleep so he doesn’t get it.

    Julia /
    (I need to get myself an OpenID..)

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