Russian Tea

Why we become fixated with certain things or topics is a mystery to me but I have to admit that lately I've been fixated on tea cups and pots and their ingredients and sometimes houses. That's it. Try and psychoanalyze that one.


Anyhow, my subject this past week was a steaming hot cup of one of my favorites, Russian tea. Growing up my daddy made this for us. Knowing dear old dad, he added more sugar than necessary but, boy were we addicted to the stuff.

This small original is painted onto gallery wrapped canvas, 6" x 6". It perches perfectly on a ledge, mantle, shelf or hung on the wall as is. 

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  1. Oh please don’t analyze, “Why cups?” because I am so enjoying them.
    This one is such a beauty, Lori.
    You are truly such a talented artist, and I cannot tell you just how much I look forward to your posts.

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