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studio waterstone handbags
Hi there.  I hope you’re having a wonderful, short week full of newness and creative endeavors.

As for me…
The comfortable feeling of designing and creating bags isn’t always instantaneous upon returning to the studio after a long break or holiday.  When this happens, I grab a cup of coffee and look for inspiration through sketches, idea boards, and by playing with the leather, fabric and bits of recycled hardware. It’s only then that things begin to click.  Hopefully. 

Here’s a peek at what’s happening this week…

studio waterstone handbags
original sketch on the left and the resulting applique
(this will be a dark brown, rather large leather bag)
studio waterstone handbags
something new – I’ve added flaps to cover some of the inside pockets
(for keeping girlie things safely tucked away)
studio waterstone handbags
new leather straps in brown and black
(yes, that’s my messy worktable.  you can just barely see spots of wood peeking through)
studio waterstone handbags
a couple more new bags
(wish I had more of that animal print leather on the left)
studio waterstone handbags
a little applique, too
It’s time for another cup of coffee or maybe tea.  I’m dreaming of cooler September days.
How about you?
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  1. Lovliness happening in your studio. It’s the same for me after a break. I just have to get in the studio and play a little with the ideas in my note book. Then the ideas seem to start flowing.

  2. I love your new work and I’m definitely with you regarding autumn. I’m sick of hot weather and yearn for the cooler days and even cooler evenings. Autumn colors have been showing up in the jewelry I’ve made recently so, I know I’m already there–mentally.

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