this is about that post referencing that hotel.
here’s the skinny. mr. waterstone just happened to be in virginia on business at the very same time as his loverly family! is that great or what? so i tagged along (which thrilled him to no end) and found myself hobnobbing with the fancy folks for a few days in this fun, historic hotel. felt terribly out of place and special. it was bewildering, yet strangely invigorating.
we spent time with old friends, went to great outdoor restaurants, enjoyed hummus, sweet pears, and delicious wine. we got to hang around with with our sweet “little” boy (he’s the one in the middle)…
waterstone artisan recycled handbags & jewelry
…and our free model/daughter enjoyed her second prom of the year. i’m done with proms and ready for the next highly stressful teenage adventure – because there’s always one just around the corner. promise.
waterstone lori plyler handbags & jewelry
waterstone artisan reclaimed leather handbags & jewelry
{ hard to believe that sweet face could incite drama, isn’t it? }

so that’s it. now i’m back in my humble home working on a custom order today. got lots of beautiful fabric for lining handbags made from reclaimed leather and other materials and i’m finally getting those bags listed.
totally unrelated: check out this great website.


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