Cabin House Portrait

Hydie ho! It's Friday. Any plans? We'll be hanging around here - chasing the dog, losing sleep, you know, the usual. I'll be painting, too - hopefully. Remember when I said I used to paint house portraits? Well, I did along with many other subjects. Lately, it's the house portraits I've been focused on. I painted one for a friend and the flames were fanned, so to speak. As a result, I made the executive decision to offer custom house portraits again. (Should be offered on Etsy soon but if you're interested just give me a shout.)

Course, I need to practice and brush up on my landscape/house skills so I've begun with the cabin. While working I suddenly realized that, by default, another #sketchpaintprint project has been completed! Who d' thunk?

So, to go back and refresh...

52 Weeks of Print: Week 52 Cabin


52 Weeks of Print: Week 52 Cabin


Cabin House Portrait

paint! (it's reversed this time, but, hey...) •

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