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Finished 11/100 entry for The 100 Day Project via Instagram.

Do you listen while you work or are you quiet, thoughtful, meditative? When I’m in the studio working on some sort of (hopefully) creative installment, I tend to go for music. Lately, however, I’ve become quite addicted to podcasts. Artists and makers talking about everything I’m thinking and wondering and worried about and dreaming of. Who wouldn’t love that?

Previous image in progress.
(By the way, this sketch began in pencil and ended with pen cross hatching.)

My new favorite podcast is The Savvy Painter and since I’ve been in catch up mode, I recently listened to an episode regarding what else, The 100 Day Project. (I know. I’m immersed.) During the interview they discussed choosing a narrowed focus and how, if you are too broad, you’ll lose interest and drop the project. I went broad – #ExploreCreativity – and because I tend to freak out about my level of commitment, I, well, freaked out. But then I decided to stick to my guns.

Personally speaking, I will not stay with the project if it’s restrictive as my creative heart (lately) has been all over the map. My goal isn’t WHAT I do specifically, but THAT I do something creative each day. So. Fingers crossed.

And on that note…

I changed things up for entry 12/100. (ha!) It had been too long since I’d carved and I was craving it. So I carved my sketch from #8. I love that sprig and still have no idea what it is. Just plucked it from the woods and there you go. Still love it.

This last print will be offered in the shop very soon. If you’re interested in purchasing, just give me a shout and I’ll print one up for you.

What’s your preference? Music? Podcasts? Or peace and quiet?


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  1. What a great post, Lori, and I just love your drawing (11/100).
    For the most part, I prefer quiet, with the exception of any nature noises around me, when I am outside. I can think of one time where I prefer music though, and that is when I am cooking or baking. Not sure why that is, but… 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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